About the Leading-Edge Law Group, PLC


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Here’s how LELG is tuned to trademark monitoring and policing:

We have substantial experience in the nitty-gritty of trademark law and substantial intellectual property (“IP”) litigation experience. You need both skills in the same lawyers to be good at monitoring and policing.

Most practitioners in the field of trademark clearance and registration have no litigation experience. Thus, they don’t know how to handle the pre-litigation and litigation phases, and are not sufficiently familiar with important doctrines such as the ripeness of trademark cases, laches and litigation holds on document destruction programs.

On the other hand, IP litigators tend to be litigators first and to only know as much IP as is necessary to litigate a particular case. They tend to not have the depth of trademark legal knowledge of an all-day-every-day trademark lawyer.

We at LELG combine those experiences and skills. We do lots of trademark work, including lots of monitoring and policing. We’ve done a fair amount of intellectual property litigation, both in federal court and in the USPTO Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. We’ve had to think through and work through the pre-litigation and litigation aspects of trademark disputes. We believe this fusion of deep trademark experience and substantial IP litigation experience in the same counsel especially suits us to this monitoring and policing task.