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How to Deal with Businesses with Similar Names on Social Media

Posted on February 22, 2017. Impersonation on social media can be funny, unless you’re the target. Speaking of Target, that company got humorously spoofed on Facebook. In 2015, Target announced all store signage would omit gender references, such as “boy’s clothes” and “girl’s toys.” Many consumers complained on Facebook about political correctness. Having fun with Read the full article…

Trademark Lessons Learned in Local Adult Beverage Battle

Posted on January 17, 2016. “Start with deeper pockets and get started sooner on trademarks.” Those are the words of Jerome Snyder, owner of Vahseer Meadworks, describing his recent trademark fight with Dogfish Head Brewery. Vahseer, located in AltaVista (just south of Lynchburg), makes mead, which is an alcoholic drink created by fermenting honey with Read the full article…